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News History


20/09/00 - Quizes and News Column

Firstly I processed all entries to the Quizzes. We have a new entry in the Hall of Fame of the Virtual Discworld Quiz. We have had two entries to The Character Recognition Competition, come on, we want me. Also, more funny captions entered for The Caption Competition.

Secondly, I scrapped the secondary column on the left and replaced it with a Discworld News column. This contains news regarding the Discworld, since I think this is what the site is missing. Various items have been adapted from other sources, but relevant references have been made. Thank you to you all.


15/09/00 - Virtual Discworld Quiz Updated

It's been back to college for me and so over the past few days I have had to get my schedule back in order between work, school and the beloved girlfriend. However, the site just didn't get a look in, until now of course. So, I'd had a lot of email entries for the VD Quiz and for the Caption Competition, these have all been added to the site now and so you can see how the new Hall of Fame for the Quiz looks.

Also, I've added another competition, the Character Recognition one. You have to guess the character from the given quotes and extracts from books. Give that one a go! That finishes on the 1st November.


11/09/00 - Discworld Competitions

That's right folks, it's plural. CompetitionS. Yes, I've created another Discworld Competition, other than the popular Discworld Quiz, called The Caption Competition. Basically, I put an image on the site (hopefully Discworld, not guaranteed) and you have to think of a funny caption for it. The best one gets a mention on the site in the hall of fame. It's as simple as that, something for you to get your teeth into. So, what can I say, get competitioning, there's two weeks until Caption Competition 1 ends and will be replaced, so it's a race to the post, get thinking!!

Also, I've set an end date for The Virtual Discworld Quiz 2, 3 weeks time, on the 1st October. So, not long for those Discworld Quiz entries to come in either. Get cracking!


7/09/00 - Quiz Update

Well, I have passed my driving test, yeah! 2 days ago, I passed and I've been on the roads ever since. However, I have updated the web site so that the quiz page is up to speed. It is not the first time we have had young whipersnappers heading the table and now a 17 year old leads with 24 out of 30 and is closely followed by a 15 year old girl. Let's see some more quality quiz entries...


4/09/00 - Problem fixed with the Quiz

There was a major problem in the Quiz preventing me me from receiving any of the Bonus questions when I was emailed the answers. This has now been resolved and I would appreciate it if people would re-enter the quiz and now get a fairer result, thankyou and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Also, the bookcase image dies tonight. I have had compliments for it in the past and yet I don't have the spine image of Maskerade in time since I have finished the book. So, I couldn't stop Maskerade from seeing the light of day on the site, so I've sorted it out. The final push for it was an email I received telling me it was too small. I assumed he wasn't the only one, so it's gone. Sorry again, but it may be easier for all now. Be sure that I will have a better replacement as soon as I can think of 

one :)


31/08/00 - More Updates. No rest for the Wicked

Well, spend a lot of tonight editing graphics, as you may see when you browse around the site. I have done a banner for the Swap-Shop, the Discworld Quiz as well as for Discworld Noir and the Site Help section. I would appreciate all comments about these sent to me.

Also, I got a new entrant for the quiz. This is really ridiculous. We have 10 entrants, all of which have scored an equal number as their score and we have a joint 1st, 2nd and 3rd. People aren't filling in the Bonus Questions. They are important! They're worth a point each. Also, I have added a couple more things to the Visitors Comments section.


30/08/00 - I'm Home

That's right, I'm home and back with a tan. Haha. Well, as per usual, I enjoyed some Terry Pratchettness on my holiday and completed Interesting Times and as you'd expect that's already on the site now. I've also got quite a chunk into Maskerade. For those of you who know the book, I'm up to the meeting between Henry Slugg, Granny Weatherwax and Mr Buckett about box eight in the Opera House.

I'm appealing for a cover picture of Maskerade and Jingo, since I own these in Hardback, meaning that I don't have the right sort of cover for the bookcase picture in the Book Reviews section.

I've also added a load of new quiz entries and a new Visitors Comments section where general comments about the site will go. Apart from that, all systems oiled and back to full steam, thanks for your support.


12.08.00 - Holiday Time of the Year

So, now it's time for my holiday and that means leaving the website for 2 weeks while I go and sun myself in Venezuela. Oh, I'm so gutted. Well, I promise I'll update as soon as I can when I get back. I'm hoping for lots of Quiz entries to keep me busy when I get back! Thanks everyone for your support, I love it...


11.08.00 - Quiz 2 First Entrant

So, we have the first entry for the new quiz with Pierce, the last quiz's winner. He enters with a good benchmark score of 16 out of 30, just over half marks. See if you can beat him by entering the Quiz here. Go for it, you have nothing to lose. At this point, I'd like to thank all entrants from the last quiz for their support. It is much appreciated.


10.8.00 - Quiz One answers added

Ok, from now on I have added Quiz 1's answers and questions to the site on a separate little section here. You can find out a list of all entrants as well as view the High Score table and the Winner of the Quiz. While you're there, give the new Quiz a go here! Also, I've made this text smaller to make more room for more news articles.


8.08.00 -  Quiz 2 starts!

Well, Quiz 1 ended with Pierce as the winner, but now, here is Quiz 2! Quiz 2 is here to replace Quiz 1 and for a bit of a change. The Quiz itself is arguably a bit easier than before, which hopefully makes it a bit more accessible to all Discworld fans. And now it includes questions up to Interesting Times. Give it a go and test your Discworld expertise.


6.08.00 - Quiz 1 ends and a new winner is announced

So, quiz 1 has ended and we have a new winner. Finn has been knocked off the top spot and has been replaced by Pierce with a late re-entry and an outstanding score of 25 out of 30! Well done Pierce. The new quiz is in development and in the meantime I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to be sent to me.. Thankyou very much.


2.08.00 - Quiz Entries marked and a new table topper

So, some more quiz entries, two to be precise. Both went in at 1st and 2nd place with 21 out of 30 and 22 out of 30! It's getting close towards the end. Don't forget to get your entries in before 5th August or forever hold your peace.


1.08.00 - New Poll comes to The Virtual Discworld

So, I decided to close the old poll early, to focus on the close of the quiz, which could be hard work since I have to prepare a new one! Well, the new quiz is about your favourite book. I know it's another favourites one and I'm sorry, don't groan. I will think of more ingenious polls in the future, I promise. For now, you'll have to make do. It's got 15 options, all the books up to Men At Arms. The old poll has been posted on a seperate page, click here to see the results of it.


31.07.00 - Updates, updates, updates

So, finally put up my comments for the two books I have recently read, Men at Arms and Soul Music. I've also put a character profile up for Imp y Celyn and updated Mort and Deaths profile. That's about all for now. One thing, get those quiz entries in...


27.07.00 - More Updates

Couple of bad and good points. Unfortunately I have had to post the email addresses of the Quiz entrants to the site to avoid cock-ups like before and because there's just too many to collate now.

I have announced the finishing date of the 1st Discworld Quiz. It ends on the 5th August, which is a Saturday. All entries after that will be refused. A new quiz will be posted immediately after. Also, on that date, the new poll will be introduced.

Now then. We have a new table topper. Robert has scored 21 out of 30. He's the new target setter...


26.07.00 - Updates done

So, remaining at the top of the Quiz Hall of Fame is a 13 year old with 19 out of 30! Hmpf, surely you can beat a 13 year old! Think Eric, a hopeless spotty teenager! No offence Dom, but surely he can be beat. I am feeling a bit embarrassed. Sure, it's great to have young fans, but surely they shouldn't be able to understand the books at 13, let alone know them in and out! Ha! Come on!!!


25.07.00 - 1000! Yeah, crack open the champagne

Over 3 months since starting up this webpage, my counter's hit 1000, and that's excluding my visits. I'm proud! For this celebration, I've updated. I've added a scrollbar at the top to promote certain parts of the website, at the moment it's the Swap Shop, which I've unfortunately had to reset due to technical errors. If you want your name back on there, email me, thanks. I've also trimmed the site, getting rid of the message board, since I hadn't got a message for ages and also there's no more Virtual Discworld Email Addresses. If you own one, then you can continue, but I no longer support it, thanks. Got some more quizzes to mark, although none of them look like taking the top spot. I also have some comments to add to the site...


20.07.00 - Quizzes marked

I have marked the quizzes and come up with a high score table. There have been 8 serious entrants so far and we are left with a 13 year old topping the table with a score of 19 out of 30. He must have used his Discworld Compendium!!! (Just a warning, I have checked, the majority of the answers can't be found in there for you cheaters). Surely you can't let a little 13 year old top the chart, lets have some more entrants. There's another two spots on the high score table and the lowest score on the table is two out of 30! So get answering...


19.07.00 - Sorry to all

You might have noticed, those of you who visit regularly, I had not updated the site for ages. Well, it was because my computer crashed for good. So, now I'm back with a new PC and back to updating. I have been inundated with Quiz Attempts and I will sort them all out and put them all on the site soon. Just letting you know, I'm back on track, and thanks to all those who stuck with the site... 


25.06.00 - More updates

Basically, since the SHOCKED version of the site looks to be way in the future, I have removed the index page until later on in its development. I have fixed the Quiz Page further and added Amanda, who scored 7 out of 30. Surely someone can do better than that. Have a try at the Vitrual Discworld Quiz by clicking here. Also, a Nick from Essex has joined the crew in the Swap Shop who are looking to buy Discworld Games. If you are selling any Discworld Games, get in touch with people wanting to buy them here.


21.06.00 - Quiz Page 'Fixed'

I thought it was a bit strange that no-one had taken part in my quiz, I was beginning to think it was too hard and only for the Discworld faithful like me. However, I realised there was a fault, after an email from a kind Oliver Hathaway, which has now been fixed, so you can all take part now! Yippee...sorry for the inconvenience.


21.06.00 - Lots of updates, ARGH!

My plan was to make the first truly interactive Discworld site, hence the 'SHOCKED', version of the site. However, it is proving more tricky than I first imagined and so, until I finish it and get it ready for testing, which could be a while due to exams, work and the girlfriend :), I'll not be able to tell you if it'll work.


9.06.00 - Unseen University model added

I had a request to try and sell an Unseen University Waxworks model. So, it's been added to the Swap Shop for a price of 750. If you would like to enquire about this item then you can go to the Swap Shop by clicking on the link on the left and then just click on Ben's name. The email will go to me and I'll forward it to him, for security reasons. Then, it can be taken from there.


1/05/00 - Lords and Ladies

I've finished reading Lords and Ladies and so I have updated the relevant section of the website. The Virtual Discworld link has also been put onto the links section of the L-Space website and so that should hopefully put some more traffic our way.


30/05/00 - Pictures back up

Finn has informed me that the address for her pictures site has moved. I have updated all my links accordingly and everything is back up and running smoothly again


29/05/00 - Discworld Pictures site down and out?

Fionnbarr Austin's Discworld pictures site appears to be down. Therefore some of the links in the Discworld pictures section are also down. The pictures are still there up and running though. I have emailed Finn and am awaiting a reply regarding the matter. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused...


26/05/00 - A General Update and it's not a Sunday!

As regular visitors know, I usually update on a Sunday, but today is a Friday. That explains the title anyway!

Well, I find it really hard to write these news snippets and try to make them interesting. Therefore, as well as a general update, I've added 'submit a news story' to the quick bar, as well as 'submit a picture'


21/05/00 - Another update, I'm on a roll!

Ok, what's actually been done then? As I've said before, I've finished Small Gods and so I've updated the relevant section. I've also added Brutha to the character biographies. That's about all folks...


15/05/00 - Nooo, ages without an update

Im sorry to you regular visitors out there for the lack of an update recently. It's just that I haven't had much chance. I've got a job you see, as well as college and a girlfriend too! It's too hectic. I have finished Small Gods and will update on either Thursday or Sunday. All I've done, is added another advert to The Swap-Shop. Thanks to everyone who visits this page!


30/04/00 - Another Sunday, Another Update

It's another Sunday, and yes, I am updating the site again, although it is only a minor addition. On the message board recently somebody asked who could see Death, so I have added that to his character bio.


26/04/00 - 300 and counting

Wow, we are now at 300 hits for the page, that's excluding me! I never thought that I would get so many hits and I would like to thank all those people who have helped me get this far. Thanks a lot...Now, lets have another push, try to get the poll higher, vote every time you visit and then, when I have enough votes, I can file the data and start a new one.


24/04/00 - Another Apology

Well I seem to like Sundays for updating the site. I have had a few additions. An advert has been placed in the Swap Shop and comments have been made on a few books. Take a look down to the bottom to see the new webring I belong to. Anyway, about 230 pages into the 380 of Small Gods, so expect an update on that before too long.


17/04/00 - Sorry it's been so long

It's been nearly two weeks since my last update! I honestly can't believe it! I am so sorry to those regular visitors who have submitted some brilliant comments, please keep them coming. I love receiving them all. Lets get that hit counter up to 300, tell all your Discworld mates about this site!


5/04/00 - Witches return home

Yes, I have finished the book, Witches Abroad. As you would expect, I have completed the relevant part of the Book Reviews section as well as adding character profiles for Nanny Ogg, Magrat Garlick, Granny and Lily Weatherwax. Check them out on the Character Profiles page.


3/04/00 - Been a while

It's been a while since there's been an update around here, so I thought I'd better do one to keep you all happy. The only noticeable diference at the moment is the addition of the 'quick news' bar. This bar informs you of things and allows you to go straight to them. Anyway, see for yourself, you can see it on the right. 


29/03/00 - Nobby makes an appearance

As well as some minor tweaks to the website, Corporal Nobby has been added to the Character Biographies section. A few more links have been added too.

That's about all for today...Carry on visiting. And don't forget, submit your vote on the poll page, who is your favourite Discworld character?


28/03/00 - Membership and more

Yes, it's true, I am now a member of the 'Ankh-Morpork' webring. I am still awaiting contact from 'The Klatchian Foreign Legion' webring, but Fionnbarr Austin was extremely helpful in adding me to the 'Ankh-Morpork Webring' speedily.

Also, another addition to the site is the new logo on the feedback page. A couple of days ago, we saw a new one go in on the Character Biographies page and more are planned to come. They are in Jpeg format and so shouldn't really hinder the loading time and keep the site pleasant to browse.

As well as all this, I have added a 'Site Help' section so that if you are stuck with what any of the links in the left panel mean, check it out.

Also, I have added a site stats thingy so that I can see where people have come from...Therefore I can place you higher up the list if you are referring more people to me.


26/03/00 - More major updates

As is common with new sites, including this one, there are often many major, and I mean major updates to be made. These often mean significant changes which can only be evaluated by you, the user. The new updates are obvious ones. We'll start with the less obvious ones. I am at the moment an honourary member of 'The Klatchian Foreign Legion' Webring as well as the 'Ankh-Morpork' Webring. This means that my site is up for evaluation at both and the little tables at the bottom of the page are there for that reason.

Then, more obviously is the change of the font, Arial finally got the better of the boring 'Times New Roman'.

As well as this, there is another major addition. The new FREE email service available to Virtual Discworld visitors. The link on the left does not take you to a completely different site, the email site is run by me also and is very easy to use. So, click on the link to it on the left and sign up for a completely FREE email account...

NOTE- All email addresses are in the format ''


25/03/00 - Error Messages

After visiting my new message board a couple of times I realised that an error message occurred regularly which may put visitors off. It reports an 'access denied' error which IE users should just select 'no' when presented with the option of debugging. However some people may get in a mess, so now when you click to go the message board you are told via a message box that there will be an error message and just to ignore it.

By the way, the error is caused by's advertisement server which doesn't function correctly.


21/03/00 - Major Additions

I have added a lot of things today. The quiz section of the website has been completed. Also, I received the next 5 books of the series from today and so they have been added to the Book Reviews section. Also, again courtesy of, I have added a message-board to the website. SO, when you visit, please stop by and post a message. It sounds like very little but it took a lot of work, so please go and stop by and tell me what you think...


18/03/00 - Interface Change and Character Bios added

As you can see from the left panel, I have been forced to change the interface on the left hand side to make it more practical and less open to confusion.

As well as this, I have added the character biographies section on the left hand side, where you can find out about characters of the Discworld. At the moment, there are only two in that section, but more will be added shortly.


13/03/00 - ICQ status indicator / Reaper Man

As you may have seen, next to the counter, in the left hand panel, I have a new ICQ status indicator which tells you whether or not I am online. Clicking on it will take you to a page on my website, giving you my ICQ number and also allowing you to page me or download ICQ for yourselves. Check it out and don't be frightened to email me and tell me what you think...

I have finished Reaper Man, which is my favourite book so far. I have completed the relevant page of the website in the library and now you can find out who are the main characters and what I thought of it. I am now onto Witches Abroad...


12/03/00 - New Additions to The Virtual Discworld

Yes, I have made a few alterations to my site, all courtesy of, who provide easy web utilities for pages such as mine. The additions I have made come in the form of a counter in the left hand frame, which is feebly low at the moment, and also a new voting booth, where you can vote for one of your favourite Discworld characters. 


10/03/00 - Pratchett high in ratings

Terry featured highly in a top 50 authors league table printed in the Daily Mail today. Click here for more info.


8/03/00 - Opening of the Swap Shop and Guide

Today sees the opening of the Swap Shop, the place where you can buy, sell or swap items. Also I have introduced a guide to the library since some people said they couldn't recognize the books on the shelves...The guide can be accessed from the library and will explain all doubts. Any further queries can be emailed to me.


7/03/00 - Closure of 'The Daily Disc'

Ok then...first piece of news is that I have decided to close the Daily Disc newspaper, which was running on this website. Firstly, because there wasn't enough news to keep it interesting and also because it wasn't a main focal point of the site. I believe that news should be a main focal point of a website and so, on this homepage I will be announcing any new sections or any other Pratchett news.