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Magrat Garlick


Books Appeared in Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad
Status Alive
Description Short, thin and flat-chested. No matter how well she combs her hair, it only take 3 minutes to tangle itself up again.

Magrat is definately a modern witch. She doesn't wear a pointy hat and is into occult jewelry.

She was personally selected and trained by Goodie Whemper and is now the youngest member of the coven Granny Weatherwax swears she hasn't got.

Magrat comes usually as part of a trio of witches, including Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, who would both like to think that they were her mentors, if only because they are older. She also avenged the murder of King Verence of Lancre during which time she had a fling with the current king, King Verence II, who used to be the fool at the castle.

She was once a fairy godmother after being chosen as the successor of Desiderata. So, despite prior warning, she took the other two witches with her to Genua, where Desiderata had instructed her to go. After beating Lily Weatherwax and learning that she was useless at godmothering, she threw the wand away in the swamps outside Genua, where some hapless fish passing by have been accidentally been turned into pumpkins.