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Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St John Nobbs

aka Nobby


Books Appeared in

Not many so far...Guards!Guards!

Status Alive...Member of the Ankh Morpork night watch
Description 4 feet tall, Bandy-legged, Pigeon-chested


Nobby was involved in the stopping of the dragon who ran amok in Ankh Morpork in Guards!Guards! He takes great care in not being promoted beyond Corporal as it may mean more work and he is an addicted smoker. Strangely, however, any cigarette smoked by Nobby instantly becomes a dog end and stays that way indefinitely. He works in the new Night Watch house in Pseudopolis Yard, donated by Lady Ramkin after an unfortunate dragon incident resulted in the destruction of the old Watch house in Treacle Mine Road. This is now the official Watch headquarters.