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The Daily Mail Poll - Top 50 Authors

     Recently, British newspaper, the Daily Mail, conducted a survey about the nations authors. In total, about 40,000 votes were counted and from that they drew up the table on the right. 

     As you can see, Terry is reaching deserved dizzy heights at number 3 trailing behind Roald Dahl and J K Rowling. However, Terry finished above greats such as Catherine Cookson, Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and William Shakespeare. 

     I have to ask the question of how many of the survey sample were children? I would imagine a large percentage since J K Rowling made a huge impression with her children's books after only 3 books! It is questionable whether she is truly the nations favourite, but she certainly is now.

     Don't get me wrong, I am not questioning the talent of the authors, to be noticed in this day and age is an achievement, to make it into the Top 50, which didn't feature Jilly Cooper or Jackie Collins.

     What I do find suprising, however, is the comments made by the writer of the accompanying article. He comments on Pratchett's books as being 'comic fantasy', however also says that Cookson surely would have topped the list if adults votes only had counted. Is he implying that Terry Pratchett is a childrens writer? Surely not. He has written a few books for the younger generation but given his established fan base for the Discworld, he cannot be considered a childrens writer.

     I certainly found the list interesting and hopefully so did you...have your say and send me your comments.

1 Roald Dahl
2 J K Rowling
3 Terry Pratchett
4 Catherine Cookson
5 Jacqueline Wilson
6 Maeve Binchy
7 Jane Austen
8 Dick Francis
9 Stephen King
10 Danielle Steele
11 J R R Tolkien
12 R L Stine
13 Charles Dickens
14 Wilbur Smith
15 Patricia Cornwell
16 John Grisham
17 Enid Blyton
18 Dick King-Smith
19 Thomas Hardy
20 Josephine Cox
21 Rosamunde Pilcher
22 Bernard Cornwell
23 Agatha Christie
24 C S Lewis
25 Joanna Trollope
26 Patrick O' Brian
27 Bill Bryson
28 Georgette Heyer
29 Ruth Rendell
30 Iain Banks
31 Jack Higgins
32 Lucy Daniels
33 Mary Higgins Clark
34 Anne McCaffery
35 Brian Jacques
36 Ellis Peters
37 Ian Rankin
38 Roberts Goddard
39 Sebastian Faulks
40 Tom Clancy
41 Barbara Erskine
42 Margaret Foster
43 Dean Koontz
44 George Orwell
45 Graham Greene
46 James Patterson
47 Judy Blume
48 P G Wodehouse
49 Colin Dexter
50 William Shakespeare