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Books Appeared in

Small Gods

Status Dead
Description Chunky, blindly loyal

Brutha appeared in the book Small Gods, where he was seen to be an exceptionally loyal follower of the God Om. It just happened that Om's followers no longer belonged to a religion that supported Om, there was only one true believer, and that happened to be Brutha. Since Brutha was the only true follower, he was the only one who could hear Om, who was trapped in the form of a tortoise. Brutha, being devoutly loyal carried the God Om, around on his back in a wicker basket. It ended with Brutha making people believe in Om again and Om becoming a main God once more. Brutha became the Cenobiarch of the Omnian religion and died a very old man.

He was known for his incredible memory, he just needed to look at something and he could write it, or draw it in Brutha's case (he couldn't read.).