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Terry Pratchett - Interesting Times

Mighty Battles! Revolution! Death! War! (And his sons Terror and Panic, and daughter Clancy)

The oldest and most inscrutable empire on the Discworld is in turmoil, brought about by the revolutionary treatise What I did on My Holidays. Workers are uniting, with nothing to lose but their water buffaloes. War (and Clancy) are spreading throughout ancient cities.

All that stands in the way of terrible doom for everyone is:

-Rincewind the Wizard who can't even spell the word 'wizard'...

-Cohen the barbarian hero, five foot tall in his surgical sandals, who has a lifetime's experience of not dying...

...and a very special butterfly. 


Facts about 'Interesting Times'
No. in series 17


(In bookstores)

Pages 352
Main Characters Rincewind, Twoflower, Cohen the Barbarian, Ponder Stibbons, Lord Hong, Death
Additional Notes A Great book in my opinion, I loved it. It takes place in the Agatean Empire where a certain book is causing a political uprising, but in the nicest kind of way. It's superb. They don't want to offend with their slogans, making it smirkingly funny every time a poster slogan is quoted. We finally find out about the mysterious Agatean Empire, which is surely modeled on China? If you have any other ideas, contact me letting me know.


Visitors Comments

Name: Shawn Green  Rating: 5/5
Probably one of Terry Pratchett's funnies works. I laughed harder than nearly any of the others (of course I hadn't read as many then either)


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