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     Hello and welcome to the Discworld Swap-Shop of Ankh-Morpork. This page of the website does exactly what it implies. If you are wanting to sell something Discworld or Terry Pratchett related, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page and your request will be posted here. So, do you want to sell a copy of 'The Colour of Magic' for 1.99? Well, advertise on here... We will not give away your email address without your consent until you confirm that the object is still desired. People wlll contact me to show their interest and I will get in touch with you personally.

     Similarly, if you wish to buy and original copy of 'The Carpet People' advertise on here... It really is as easy as that...It's completely free, I don't take a fee or a percentage cut, I just let you advertise here.


Discworld Games Wanted!

Name: Robert  Price: Negotiable

Robert lives in South Africa and is looking to buy any three of the Discworld games, preferably 1 and 2.


Hardback Good Omens

Name: Jess James  Price: Negotiable

Jess lives in Birmingham and is looking to buy off someone a Hard back copy of Good Omens since she can't seem to find one anywhere and would appreciate any offers.


Discworld Games Wanted: Part Deux !

Name: Andy Lea  Price: Negotiable

Andy, as well as Robert is after both the Discworld games. He lives in Suffolk in England, this side of the Equator at least :)


Discworld Games Wanted: The Completion of a Trilogy!

Name: Chris Tilley  Price: Negotiable

Chris live in Burnley, Lancashire, which is England. He's after the first 2 Discworld Games, preferably Discworld 2. Will someone please help, we're getting flooded here.


Discworld Games Wanted: Oh...My...God!!

Name: Tom Keane  Price: Negotiable

Ok, so I was being far too hopeful when I thought that the other would be the last we heard of Discworld games, but lo and behold, Tom from Ellenborough in Australia can't seem to get hold of them either. Someone please help.


Discworld Stuff Wanted

Name: Gareth  Price: Negotiable (Swappable)

Gareth wants some Discworld games (Noir and Discworld 2) and also wants to buy some Discworld hard back books. He lives in Weymouth which is in Dorset, UK. 


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