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Imp y Celyn


Books Appeared in Soul Music
Status Alive
Description Elfish, you know, pointy ears and that.

Imp's story is a long one. He started out as a musician in Llamedos. His story took him to Ankh-Morpork where he bought a special guitar. This guitar kept him alive, literally. When he should have been dead, his life timer was empty, the music was keeping him going, the guitar itself. The music he played, Music with Rocks in, got the whole town into a frenzy, causing various wizards to wear leather, studded jackets and the whole population of Ankh-Morpork to swear to buy guitars.

It was lucky for him that Susan, successor to Death, took a liking to him and spared him from an accident where his carriage would have sped over the gorge. As it happens, due to the destruction of the guitar and the defeat of the music within it, Imp now works in a chip shop and none of the above ever happened.