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The A**holes Association

This page is really against those aforementioned A**holes. So, it should be Association Against A**holes really, or AAA, but where's the copyright breach there? I very much doubt a set of batteries would sue me. I need an interesting few months. However, with University beckoning, the last thing I need right now is a million pound debt and so I'll put a really good disclaimer in. Perhaps in a few years when I'm up for some high powered action I will remove it. Well, this is not the Automobiles Association of the UK, if you have broken down and have come to this page I apologise, but what are you doing on the internet in your car, no wonder you crashed. Neither is it American Airlines, who I must say are an excellent airline (sure). 


One thing I must make clear here is that these are all just jokes, pure and simple jokes. No rascism will be tolerated on this website and I have no prejudice against any race. I'm English! I have no advantages, except for the fact that I belong to the greatest nation ever, forget the politicians...


Right, down to the nitty gritty. Listed below are the people who I have learned to loathe, not personal contacts, but stars. Well for now anyway, who knows if I'll put some personal acquaintances on in the future. Got anyone to suggest? Click here and email me reasons why and please make it someone I might just know. Thanks.