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The Rock


Real Name:- Dwayne Johnson

Industry :- WWF Wrestling

A'hole rating:- 7/10

Well, the Rock appears first on my A**eholes list, being one big one from the start.

I think that the picture to the left purely and simply sums up The Rock for me. A waxed chest perhaps? But if we focus on the eyebrow, commonly known in the right circles, ie the Fat American Kids circles, as the peoples eyebrow I believe. I only know this because I have a friend who is just a tangerine short of a fruit salad, namely Shaun Lyon, and he watches it and acts out the moves on his little brother, though I feel he enjoys the sitting on his face part with his pants down too satisfying. That is a wrestling move I am assured, but not being into that kind of thing, I wouldn't know.

Anyway, back to the 'Peoples Eyebrow,' it just irritates me. Don't ask why, it just does. I know it's just his job, before I get flooded with 101 emails stating this rather obvious fact, but he annoys me immensly. His image, one of arrogance, that's one I get anyway. The people's champ? The people's chump more like.

Am I right in thinking that one of his moves is the 'Peoples Elbow'? He doesn't have much of his own does he? 

Perhaps aptly, another of his moves is known as the 'Rock Bottom,' I could laugh at the coincidence for hours

Wrestling on a whole annoys me. I know I can't really take that out on the Rock, but I'll try. Well, it's all set up isn't it...and it's just bodybuilders showing that they can get their leg higher than knee height. It completely annoys me to the bone. If it's fighting their after, they shouldn't be hitting each other with polystyrene chairs and trucks and things, but instead take a leaf out of the book of Russian Martial Art, Sambo. This is a no holds barred fight where the end of one punch leads to the start of the next in one continuous movement. I would pay a years sky subscription to see the Rock lose, miserably. Don't get me wrong, it's not a fatality ridden sport, but it's real fighting.

However, how could anyone expect Americans to accept anything that isn't non-offensive to all. I'm talking about a country seriously suggesting to bring in execution laws to anyone who brings more than 2 ounces of marijuana into the country. Don't get me wrong, I don't do drugs, or promote them, but I do think it is highly disproportionate when the majority of murderers (90%) only serve 6 years of their sentence there, and rapists just five. Even first time offenders caught in possession of one dose of LSD will get 7 years imprisonment with no parole or chance of explaining themselves to a court. Also they, unlike rapists and murderers, never get their civil rights back. Anyway, I've drifted away from the subject. The Rock...just one more point:-

Wyclef...It Really Does Matter that you sang a song with a wrestler who can't get anywhere near a note above that of Scoop from Bob the girlfriend's a fan, of Bob the Builder that is.

I would appreciate any comments you may wish to make to me on this matter. I obviously understand that some of you out there may want to complain about my treatment of the Rock, if so, please email me at