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Puff Daddy


Real Name:- Sean Combs

Industry :- Music - Rap

A'hole rating:- 8/10

Well, here we are at installation number two and now we're on to Puff Daddy and I'm sure that now I must be treading on even more peoples toes...which is good.

Duh-dah-duh-duh...I'm singing in maybe not then...but almost looks like it

Firstly, may I just state that in saying this I am not asking to be shot. I may appreciate little bits of lead in other shapes or forms with obscure names written on them that some people call trinkets, but personally a bool-lit in my heaaart (sorry an in joke from college.) does not appeal. So all you crazy Americans, don't shoot...

Well, Puff Daddy...where can I start? Perhaps with the word t*t. Yes, that's right.

Puff Daddy is added here mainly because one of my friends, Ian you know who you are, cringes at the mention of his name and goes into a dream world where he's giving 'Puffy' a good licking. To all American visitors, I don't mean it in the tongue-esque sense, although you never know with Ian, you know what Jackson's are like!

Anyway, the main grievance we have with Puff Daddy is that he's made millions from other people's song's or reputation, or both. Notorious B.I.G's death shook the rap world but I'm sure Puff allowed himself a wry smile perhaps and  saw a marketable area from it all. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling the man cold...well, I guess I am...I can't defend that.

Well, I mean come on...the song Notorious came from his death, as did his cover of Sting's song, Puff Daddy's 'I'll be missing you.' Cheap, yes...Poor, very...

He actually sampled many many songs in the past, but this is not a hate site, but instead a mild grumbling and a muttering of A**ehole under our breath when walking past him. Nothing too serious, if you're looking for a dedicated anti-Puff Daddy website, why not visit, dedicated to hating Puff Daddy. Some useful energy there for sure...