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Cheyne Coates


Real Name:- Cheyne Coates

Industry :- Music

A'hole rating:- 10/10

Woman number two on my list now and this one hits dizzy heights with her A**ehole-o-meter reaching the

whopping 10 out of 10. She's Australian for a start, which doesn't go against her, since Home and Away (a better version of Neighbours) came from their sandy shores.

The thing which I hate about Cheyne is probably more hatred for Madison Avenue and that's their feminist songs, the girl power pop they produce. It's absolute rubbish.

I hate the whole feminist issue. I agree with equal rights, but it appears to be increasingly selectively equal. Take the job 

aspect, how many women do you see being binmen (or maybe that should be binpeople)? I must say I haven't seen any at all. If women are forced to stoop that low, they become a housewife or claim social benefits. I don't think I've ever seen it the other way around, in that I've seen male cleaners, hairdressers and secretaries. If anyone can come up with a serious profession, by all means give me an email.

Anyway, I'm on the official Madison Avenue site right now and am looking at the page dedicated to Miss Coates. Well, first of all she starts by saying how she detests cruelty to do I.

The bit that makes me laugh is a bit further down when she mentions the fact that the one thing on her wishlist is education. 'For yourself surely?' and I'm right. She wants to be a vet. Why? So you can operate on yourself?

Even further down results in more surprises. She reveals how she goes into negotiations with management and it turned out, and I quote, 'nobody would do it with me.' Aww, I feel so sorry for you. Maybe if you stopped your Spiderman impressions, took off you bee-like sunglasses and sold your cheap Casio watch you got from the market, people may consider you. Maybe not though.

It's a really good read. If you're interested, log on at