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The Daily Disc

Last update 4/3/00                                                                                                     Free



I have now read Eric and Moving Pictures and am well into Reaper Man. I have updated the site accordingly, as well as adding sections for the new books I have received...Witches Abroad, Deaths Domain, The Streets of Ankh-Morpork and 

The Discworld Companion. Check them out now and  rate them if you own them yourself.

Also, I have added another link to my links page, the Discworld Traveler. Check the site out, it is very good.




I have just received the books Eric, Moving Pictures and Reaper Man and I am well into Eric already. Therefore I have posted the sections about the books on the website  although the only one fully complete is Eric. Moving Pictures and Reaper Man are on their way, as well as the final two acts of the walkthrough for Discworld Noir.


That's right. Stop Press. I have completely re-vamped the site including this newspaper! I thought it needed some improvement so I spent some time working on it. Now then, I have set up this newspaper and the library where you can find out about Discworld 

books (the one's that I have got). Next is going to be the Ankh Morpork Art Gallery where you can submit your art work to be displayed. All you need to do is email me the picture zipped up (using Winzip or PkZip). It's really that simple.


Advertisements for the Daily Disc. Just enter below you name email address and then what you want and we'll place it on this page as soon as possible. It can be anything from Discworld statues to the original print of  'The Colour of Magic.' Put your ad on this page and hopefully someone will contact you.




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