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Right, I realize now that I solely can't take on the full running of a website that has developed into being so big. I can't keep up with Discworld News as much as I can with the books and character reviews and so I'm offering a range of voluntary no-commitment jobs for on the Virtual Discworld Website. To apply for one, scroll down.


Current Staff List

Mark Barlow - Editor/Founder of The Virtual Discworld


Jobs Available

Editors Assistant - This is one of the most important jobs. This is a job where you pester me to update things. Bring urgent Discworld News to my attention. Scout around the other Discworld sites to check on the quality of the site against theirs. Also, any of the below jobs can be done, at any time, by the Assistant, a very versatile, yet powerful, job.


Art Contributor - Anyone with artistic skills should apply. Via computer that is. I'll be looking for anyone who can provide high-quality logos and banners for the site on a non-committal basis. Purely freelance. When we need a logo, we'll ask you and if you can't or simply don't want to at the time, you don't have to.


News Correspondent - Anyone who will scour the Internet for Discworld news and send it to me to be added to the site. Whether it be news about a new Discworld book or a Terry Pratchett Book signing, it would be welcomed.


Journalist - Basically the same as the News Correspondent, just slightly more in-depth. This is where you find the news and write an article about it, which will be posted on the site.


Internet Correspondent - This is purely publicity. Place our banner on any free banner places you can find, add it to all the search engines and make sure it gets in the right place. Also, check the sites we're linking to also link back to us. Contact other Discworld sites for link exchange and, with my permission, banner exchange.


Internet Scout - Sounds like a very tactical job. Well, not really, but it is very important. You have to scout around the Internet trying to find ways in which we could improve the site. Be it an online game we can add or a Java application which could give the site a Gee-Whizz factor.


Apply for a Virtual Discworld Job

How could you improve the Virtual Discworld?