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Laredo Cronk?

Does this woman ring any bells? She should do. Surely this is a take off of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft? Well, here are a few facts about Laredo from the game. See what you think :-


- She is a 'Tomb Evacuator'

- She doesn't 'steal from anywhere less than 1000 years old and full of exciting puzzles!!'

- She breaks into tombs that no man has entered for 1000 years ("except the man who place the medikits of course")

- She gives all stolen treasure to the museum because she's "too well bred" to keep it

- People come up to her and ask her how to get to the 3rd ledge and also for walkthroughs ("I hope it isn't something to do with sex")

- She wants to retire but the public "want her"

- "Not everyone can lead an exciting, action-packed life like me"

- For budding 'Tomb Evacuators' then her advice is to start now since there's a "Never-ending supply of Tombs...etc etc"

- Typical Day - "Dodging Poison Darts, Falling weights, pit traps and Mechanical spears."