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1/10/00 - Quiz 2 ends...

As promised, today the Virtual Discworld Quiz 2 has ended. I have posted all the answers and entrants on the site for you to take a look at if you like. The third quiz is on the way to tax the brains. Meanwhile, the other quizzes are getting a few more entries. About it for now, thanks. Extended the deadline for the Caption Competition to the 1st November too.


20/09/00 - Quizes and News Column

Firstly I processed all entries to the Quizzes. We have a new entry in the Hall of Fame of the Virtual Discworld Quiz. We have had two entries to The Character Recognition Competition, come on, we want me. Also, more funny captions entered for The Caption Competition.

Secondly, I scrapped the secondary column on the left and replaced it with a Discworld News column. This contains news regarding the Discworld, since I think this is what the site is missing. Various items have been adapted from other sources, but relevant references have been made. Thank you to you all.

Death in the family

Looks like Death's going to get a staring role in the future as he robs us of one of the main characters in the Discworld. 

"A major character, that is, one who has had a major part in one or more books, is going to die within the next year or two and you don't have to be a genius to work out who it is likely to be, especially if you remember that dying on the Discworld is not necessarily the end of your involvement." - Terry Pratchett, read the full interview


Novels in the pipeline

That's right. In case you didn't know already, Terry has some more novels on the go at the moment. 'The Truth (Cover Shot),' 'The Thief of Time' and 'The Last Hero' are the three books which should be winging there way to a bookstore near you soon. More...


Novels for the children

In the near future, there a two novels planned based in the Discworld, which are solely written for children.




For other news items from 'The Virtual Discworld, try the History...


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