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Drawings by Paul Kidby

"Welcome to Ankh-Morpork. The most beautiful city on the Disc (according to the Guild of Thieves) and the only place I have ever visited that actually has a solid river. I'll tell you what, we haven't had a drowning for years, although the number of suffocations have been on the increase. 

    There are numerous places to visit in Ankh Morpork, but I'll tell you what, you want to be careful of the library at the University, that Librarian will have you, DON'T call him a monkey, whatever you do.

     As I'm sure you know well, a city is ever changing, ever growing and that means a lot of new places will be popping up here and there, so be sure to come back as often as possible, I know it can be hard with several feet of runny mud above you, but give it a go anyway." - Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St John Nobbs - a.k.a. Nobby (Ankh-Morpork City Watch)

Where do you want to go:-

The Library

The Voting Booth

The Signpost

The Swap-Shop