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Terry Pratchett and

- The Discworld Quizbook : The Unseen University Challenge

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David Langford

Trolls have smashed down the door, there's a banshee on the roof, the river's caught fire, the librarian has turned into some kind of ape, and this is your starter for ten...

Questions about figgins, DEATH, min-destroying footnotes, carnivorous Luggage with lots of little legs, quantum butterflies, the magico-numerical significance of what we must always call twice four or seven plus one, and even the precise sex of the Great Turtle who supports Terry Pratchetts phenominal planet (via four elephant middlemen).

This is a quizbook for fans of fantasy and fun alike - and the ultimate challenge for all Discworld aficionados.


Facts about 'The Discworld Mapp'
No. in series N/A


(In bookstores)

Pages 224
Main Characters Covers all the books up to Maskerade in 1995
Additional Notes Exceptionally difficult but definitely worth recommending at this price to any Discworld follower who thinks he knows it all. It'll put you in your place!


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