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Terry Pratchett and

- The Discworld Mapp

Stephen Briggs

     They said it wouldn't be done. Well, it has been done, proving them wrong once again. After years of research cunningly contrived in as many minutes, the Discworld has its map. It takes full acount of the historic and much documented expeditions of the Discworld's feted (or less fated) explorers: General Sir Roderick Purdeigh, Lars Larsnephew, Llamedos Jones, Lady Alice Venturi, Ponce da Quirm and, of course, Venter Borass.

      Now travellers on this circular world can see it all: from Klatch to the Ramtops, from Cori Celesti to the Circle Sea, from Genua to Bhangbhangduc. The great cities of Hunghung, Pseudopolis, Al Khali and, of course, Ankh-Morpork are placed with loving care upon this world which is carried through space by Great A'Tuin.


Facts about 'The Discworld Mapp'
No. in series N/A


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Pages Map and 30-page booklet
Main Characters Covers all the explorers encountered in the series.
Additional Notes I would heartily recommend this book to a seasoned Discworld fan who has read up to about Eric. This will help you since it will help you to picture where places such as Holy Wood from Moving Pictures actually is in comparison to Ankh-Morpork


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