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Hall of Fame





1 Steve 30 26 out of 30
2 Chris Bettiss 17 24 out of 30
3 Emma 22 22 out of 30
3 Jessica Michal ? 22 out of 30
3 Delenne 14 22 out of 30

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How to get into the Hall of Fame

All entries to the Discworld Quiz will be posted on this site, but only the top 5 scores actually on this page. To qualify to have your score posted, you must actually give me your real name, although not in full, but not a made up one. 



Below is the competition quiz, which you can fill out online and hit submit at the bottom to send the answers to me. However, if you are not well up on your Discworld knowledge, there is a much simpler beginners quiz which will be online soon. However, if you fancy a go at the competition quiz (there are no prizes, but High Scores will be posted on this page) then scroll on...


Correct Answer = 2 points

Correct Bonus = 1 point



*Optional Fields


  Question Answer
1 What name did Death choose for himself in Reaper Man? 
1b What was the name of Deaths landlady in the same book? 
2 Buddy in Soul Music, what was his real name? 
2b Where was he from? 
3 Who is the crocodile God of Klatch? 
3b How many arms does he have?
4 In Lords and Ladies, there was a circle of stones. Up to which a deer hunter went, but was killed by a unicorn. What was his name? 
4b What was the name of those circles? 
5 Which guild looked after 'The Gonne'?
5b In which book was this?
6 Why did King Teppicymon XXVII kill himself in Pyramids? 
6b Which country was Teppic king of?
7 What is the name of the giant clockwork ant farm machine in the High Energy Building of the Unseen University? 
7b Who is the keen young wizard, who graduated by getting Victor Tugelbend's rigged paper with the single question (name?) ? 
8 What is the Patrician, Lord Vetinari's first name? 
8b Who designed the gardens of the Patricians Palace? 
9 What tablets does the Bursar of the Unseen University have to take?
9b Name a senior wizard, apart from the Bursar and the Archchancellor of the Unseen University
10 What's Susan Sto Helit's school called?
10b In Soul Music, where did Buddy start work in the end?