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Stop Tom Jones!!

Well, if no one else will stop the bushy-haired Welshman, I guess I'm gonna have to give it a shot. He's eaten up too much English talent recently that it's untrue. He's nicked some really good songs and constructed a full album (Reload) of re-makes. He's dragged artists down to his murky depths, such talent as Robbie Williams, Heather Small, Stereophonics, Mousse T and less tragically, Simply Red. I think we have got to put a stop to this and therefore this part of the website is dedicated to this cause. Ass your name to the list if you believe that Tom Jones should be stopped. Similarly, if there are more votes saying Tom Jones is good and should continue then I'll eat my words. Don't think I need to say much more, please fill out the form below and click submit when it will zoom off into my email box and I'll add your entry to the list soon after that. Thankyou.



Preference I support your cause and want Tom Jones to stop exploiting the young musicians
I disagree with you completely and love the cuddly Tom and I am not over 60.