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Thankyou for stopping by at my site. This used to be the sole home of the Virtual Discworld, but now grounds are shared with this website, since I fancied having a bit of fun with other areas. Please click a category below, or a corresponding icon on the top bar to proceed.


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Play over 50 web games straight in you browser, some require Java, whilst others need Shockwave


Need some humour injected into your life? Well, just click here to read the cream of jokes...

Free Downloads

You can download miscellaneous, usually funny, files from here for use on your computer

A**holes Association

All the people who should be dumped Castaway-style on a desert island and promptly forgotten about.


All the funny sites I could trawl up from off the internet for your viewing pleasure should you ever wish to leave the site.

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Yes, there's the standard option to invade my private life and send me an email. Just kidding, I appreciate all comments