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Free Games

Play free games directly through your web browser courtesy of These are specifically for all my mates at school since all the good games sites have been banned. I hope you guys have fun, especially my girlfriend, Sue, who's great and I love to bits. Anyway, I'm sure you guys are just here for the games so here you are, and have fun. If you want to put web games on this site, or know anywhere I can get more games to put on here, please please email me by clicking on the envelope above or here. Thankyou.


 PacMan  Monty  Kung-Fu Quest  Feed the Pig
 Penguin Plunge  Pong Attack!  Block Madness  LA Stevenson
 Rush Hour  Lightz Out  Find It  Mind Sweeper
 3D Driver  Iridium  Tank Game  Air Rescue
 Hit & Missle  Tux on the Run  Cross Section  Don's Dougout
 Battleship  Solitaire  Par-3 Solitaire  Arithmetic 24
 Hi Lo  18 Hole Golf  Bowling  Torpedo
 Skiing  Urbanoids  Benny  Sleeper
 Rat In The Maze  Pac Wars  Concentration  IQ Test
 IQ Game  Same Game  Sokoban  Gomoku
 Star Jam  Bridges  QuizShow  Mini Golf
 Linx  Surfing  Shoot'n'Score  Soccer
 Trivia  Cliffie  Caterpillar  Xball