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Free Downloads

Here is where you can find all my rubbish that I've collected on the internet. Actually though, some of it is more fun than you might think. The files are fairly small, so give them a whirl and see what you think. Hopefully, soon, when I have enough files, I'll sub-categorize them to make it easier. All files have been virus checked but I would recommend checking them yourselves as I wouldn't like to be responsible for a companies network crashing after you, their administrator, downloaded one of my files. If you need a virus checker, you can pick one up free at If you have anything funny you think I should take a look at, email me by clicking on the envelope above or here. All submissions have to be already on the Internet and available for download, please send me the URL and not the file


Screen Mate - Bouncer

This bouncer hangs around on your desktop and you can customize him to do and say a few different things. This comes straight from the Ministry of Sound and is pretty funny. You can customize the bouncers moods too.


Funny/Miscellaneous - Coke Gift

This one is pretty funny, if not a well-used joke. This one actually works and you get a completely free gift

Winamp Plug-in - Dancing Bear

This one is excellent. It's from Lionhead's PC God game, Black and White. Basically it's a bear that dances in time to the music you're playing. It's quite a hefty download though. It's best to have a resumable download client.