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Welcome to kris' page with Andy!

Hello and welcome to my new webpage, in case you haven't noticed, this web page is under construction.

Aslo, it is very new and I am new to writing webpages, so please be patient.

This site is dedicated to my favourtie things, which are WWF Wrestling and Bryan Adams! He is so cool.

So, click below to go to any one of those things:

WWF Stars (Coming Soon!)

WWF Reviews (Coming Soon!)

Bryan Adams (Coming Soon!)

Funny things that happened during the making of the website (coming soon!)

Jokes (Coming Soon!)

Links (Coming Soon!)

My name is Mike and my friend is Andy. We are both 16 years old and go to the same school. I love Liverpool, but he likes Man Utd the daft Manc. That is the only time we fight, otherwise we get on really well.

Find what you want by going to Yahoo! That's the best website ever

Well, thankyou for looking at my page. Please bookmark it and come back often. If you want to you can print it off.

people have visited this site, which was last updated on the 1/2/98

Copyright of Weiner and Pillock 1998. Otherwise known as Mike and Andy. If anyone takes any words from the site, I'll sue them. OK! (C)